5 Ways to feel Happier, Healthier and live your best life.

How many times a week, month, year or in your lifetime have you said this phrase “I need to change my (diet, lifestyle, career, partner,inner thoughts)” ? For some women it can be a daily vibe that goes on in their mind and body. Not being your true authentic self can cause CHAOS to your body, it can leave you feeling fatigued, unhealthy and stressed with very little clarity on which direction you wish to go in your life, but you may already know that hey?. Imagine getting to the grand age of 90 and feeling full of regret and remorse that you didn’t live your best life, that you didn’t look after yourself the way you could have, or missed out on opportunities that you know would have paid off.

Life really is short and every blinkin minute counts. You can live the best life, you can make those decisions and you CAN live happier and healthier and here are a few ways how:

  1. Eat the Cake (but not everyday) - There’s a HUGE difference between eating junk everyday and gobbling down lettuce for breakfast, lunch and dinner that leaves your taste buds feeling grey and miserable. Now, as a Therapist in nutrition I’m not going to tell you to go cold turkey and skip out on that glass of champagne or a trip to the Hummingbird Bakery - no… WHY? Because that’s not realistic, and trust me, when you tell your body your not “allowed” to eat something it will take revenge on you and take your cravings to bootcamp so they become stronger, fitter and more determined than ever.. FACT!! So how about a happy medium. Eat well during the week and enjoy every last sip of your chilled glass of bubbles on a Friday night or that double caramel frosted cupcake you’ve had your eye on all week. Happy taste buds, happy you and happy soul.

  2. Drink the H20 - Did you know your body is made up of around 60% water!! That’s over HALF - amazing!! So what does water do to our bodies? Well, we need plenty of water in our bodies to help carry nutrients to our vital organs, aid digestion and absorption of our minerals and nutrients, help with circulation, regulates body temperature and more. So as you can see it’s VITAL. Water gives you ENERGY!! Yup it helps you feel revitalised and refreshed and it’s AMAZING for your skin. It’s also great for your brain, it helps it stay clear and fog free for making those all important decisions. It’s recommended to drink between 2 and 3 litres of water each day, so go treat yourself to a litre water bottle and ensure you fill up at least twice throughout the day. If you really find water boring, try adding some sliced lemon or cucumber slices (It looks pretty too).

3. Stop worrying what others think. Have you ever heard the saying “don’t worry about what i’m doing, worry about why your worried about what i’m doing”? It basically means that sometimes, people that stick their noses into your business may not necessarily doing it for your benefit. If we all went around worried about what other people thought of us we’d be hermits. So go get em lady…. haters are always going to hate. And remember, don’t get to the age where you regret not making that step or taking action. Do one thing this week that you have been procrastinating because you are worried what others are going to say. No matter how big or small, DO IT, DO IT DO IT!! The results will be worth it and you never know taking that one action may catapult you into a different direction. I always recognise change is coming when I feel fearful of taking action. That anxious feeling is my bow pulling me back ready to catapult me forward, mother natures intuition - listen to yours.

4. Be kind to yourself - Something we are hearing more and more of over the years, however there really is proof in this pudding. If you are not kind to yourself, taking care of you, loving you and nurturing you… then I’m afraid to say this but - NOT ONE ELSE WILL. Have you ever noticed what an amazing day you have when you feel ON FIRE, you look confident and feel alive? Have you noticed that you smile more, amazing things happen to you and the day flows by breezily without an ounce of a shit storm? Well my friend this is because YOU are attracting like minded things, you feel good - you attract better things… it’s just physics. Spend sometime each day for 30 days looking at yourself in the mirror (you may cringe on day 1, but I can assure you by day 30 you would have nailed this) and pick out one thing you like about yourself that day. It could be that your hair looks shiny and glowing, or your top is your favourite colour. It could be your smile, your eyes or even your knees. DO IT, DAILY FOR 30… I challenge you!!

5. MEDITATE BABY!! “Ahh” I hear you cry.. “isn’t this what strange folk do who dance around trees, burn their bras and sing Kum By Yah” - well probably, but I certainly don’t do that (I don’t know the words to Kum By Yah so i’d be a massive burden to the tree dancing posse) . Meditation has been around for centuries, it’s the perfect rhythm for mind and body to rest, restore and gain clarity. It helps reduce stress, lowers your blood pressure, helps reduce anxiety… the list really is endless. So here’s how: Take 10 minutes a day, sit upright on a chair, floor or on your bed and just concentrate on your breath. Each time a thought comes into your mind, let it go… picture that thought floating past over your head and then go back to your breath. Keep focusing on your breath until your ten minutes is up. It will go quicker that you think and remember it takes PRACTICE.. a marathon runner doesn’t just leap out of bed and run 42.1 kilometres.. they train and practice. I challenge you to take some time out each morning or night and spend just 10 MINUTES in your self love gym and meditate.

6. WRITE YOUR GOALS DOWN LADY!! A HUGE 70% of women do not write down their life goals. This then transpires to a very small amount of this group of women not acheiveing their goals. However out of the 30% who do put pen to paper a HUGE amount go onto hitting and surpassing their goals. So when I say Goals I mean whatever YOU want to accomplish however big or small. It could be to run a 5K charity run by October 2019. It could be to learn another language, start your own business, find the love of your life or take a day off, sit on the beach and read a book. Whatever your goal, put some boundaries in place. For example

  • Work out what your short term goals are (4-6 weeks), Mid term goals (2-6 months) and long term goals (6- 18months).

  • Write the date in which you want to hit this goal by, then work backwards - what do you need to do each day, week or month to grow towards your goal?

  • Take Action DAILY towards this goal, whether that be making a coffee at home and using that daily cost to go towards your new shoes or spending 30 minutes each night in meditation and shampooing your inner goddess.

  • Celebrate each milestone - your inner goddess will love this and I’m sure you will too!!

    You can do anything you put your mind to. Share your goal with your bestie and go get it!!

And there you have it some simple, top tips on how to feel healthier, happier and gain clarity in your life. If you’d like a bit more guidance on your health and wellbeing journey, then download my FREE 1 day Self Love capsule “It’s all about me”. It includes a wonderful relaxation meditation, a few tasty but utterly healthy recipes and some self love tips and tricks. Remember to gain leverage in any part of your life, you must feel happy and nourished from within - self loved and self cared for. Start your free download guide today, I can’t wait to see how you get on.

Much love

Claire - Founder - Bloom x

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