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Gemma, Dave and Baby Henrys birth story:

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Amy, Earl and Baby Eriks birth story":

The hypnobirthing course truly transformed my perspective on birth. Before I met Claire, I saw my impending labour as a battle - and my body as the enemy. This was reinforced by complications in my pregnancy and recommendations for a medicalised birth, which led me to lose faith in my body and its capability. I remember picturing Rocky style movie montages of me gearing up for the fight of my life. I thought I needed to grit my teeth and brace myself for a horrible experience.

The hypnobirthing course changed all of this. It helped me to reimagine birth as something safe, natural and above all - empowering. Claire helped me to take ownership of my birth. She also explained the role of relaxation in labour, resulting in a total u-turn in both my mindset and practical preparations. She helped me to believe that my body was on my side and all I needed to do was relax, breath and allow it to do its miraculous work. My fear gave way to a glowing excitement that grew with my pregnancy. 

My labour started naturally at 6am on a Monday morning. My partner and I knew just what to do, beginning a choreographed sequence of events that Claire had encouraged us to design ourselves to keep us at ease. I listened to my positive affirmations in the bath as he took care of all the last minute preparations. We had a relaxed morning at home then made our way to the labour ward at about 2pm.

When we arrived the midwives said it was still too early and asked me to come back in 24 hours. I listened to my body and, as Claire had encouraged me to do, stood my ground and asked to stay. In the maternity suite we recreated our home environment, I listened to my hypnobirthing tracks in the bath and tried to stay calm. Two hours later my baby boy was in my arms - born naturally, with no pain relief or unplanned interventions.

Giving birth was undoubtedly one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do - but also the most incredible high I have ever experienced. I felt so proud of my body, my baby and my birth partners (mum and husband!).

I keep thinking about how different it would have been if I had approached it with the aggression I originally thought I’d need. I feel very lucky that I discovered hypnobirthing, and so grateful for my sessions with Claire. I can’t recommend her highly enough!