How to survive a Heatwave.....

I'm currently sat in my undies, fan on full blast catching my breath as I write this. Toddler is butt naked and the dog is laying star fished on the wooden flooring to gain every spot of cold. 

Let me set the scene for you .. it's been around 37 degrees these past two days, leading up to that we've had +30 degree temperatures for the past two weeks. Now you may be reading this from the Libyan Desert and thinking "girl that's nothing". Let me remind you I live in the UK and we encounter A LOT of rain. Another point to make is that we as a country are not resourced well for such heat.

However I do remember two years ago when we had a week of extreme heat, I was joyfully pregnant with Arlo and literally wanted to run around my local village naked shouting "someone help me"!! So I am well practised on ways to keep cool - never underestimate a hot heavily pregnant woman. 

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, pregnant or not and if you are suffering with the heat - try my tried and tested ways to keep cool. Apart from the obvious (drinking PLENTY of water), in fact up your water by a litre each day!! Fans are a godsend too - unless you have an industrial sized one that your husband-to-be insists on whacking it on full swing EVERY NIGHT that you wake up in the night thinking an aircraft is coming into land in your bedroom.. he also insists on opening the curtains at night and letting every mosquito joyride on my arm and bite me to smithereens.  Anyway here are my top tips:

  • Ice wrapped in a tea towel on your wrists - a paramedic friend recommended this to me a few years ago when I was in full walrus swing days before Arlo arrived. It works well to cool the body down.

  • Iced bottles of water in front to fans - this is great if you have little ones, the fan blows the cold air and creates a semi air-con affect.

  • Open your windows and close them - Depending on the location of your house, open your windows when the sun is the other side of your property and let the cool air in.Then as the sun transitions to the other side of your house.. close those blinds!!

  • Foot bath - Place your feet in a bowl of cool water, it's great for agitated legs and can be pretty relaxing too!!

  • Buy some cooling foot spray or make your own - using peppermint oil and some water or a base oil for a great foot massage.

  • Cold Water Bottle - fill a water bottle with super cold water and place in a tea towel, pop in your bed and enjoy the coolness!!

Hopefully you have picked up a couple of ideas to use yourself. Stay cool my friend. We can get through this.


Claire x