Our Wellbeing Services

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We help women each day to feel great, empowered, healthier and happier. Take a look, find out more and get in touch. We'd love to hear from you!! 


1-2-1 Coaching

Price dependant on individual wishes

Are you looking to revamp, rebalance and shake things up in your life? How would it feel to feel incredible, not only on the outside but feeling amazing on the inside too? We will support you on your journey over a timescale that suits you!! We dive deep into YOU, complete inner goddess workouts, how to balance a healthy, happy and more organised life, work/life balancing, nutritional planners and much more. All of this is encapsulated for you!

  • 1-2-1 Coaching Calls

  • Bespoke Wellbeing Plan

  • Nutritious meal planner

  • Accountability Planner


  • 7 Days of meditation Programme (Worth £199)

  • 45 minute Mindset coaching call (Worth £275)

  • Access to recourse vault (worth £1,000)





Join others along their journeys through this LIVE and kicking programme. We dig deep into what you want to get out of life. Unfold your aspirations, wash out your limiting beliefs and shampoo you in wellness practises including meditations, nutritional meal planners, daily self care rituals and much more. 

Learn from guest speakers on life changing topics in our LIVE Q&A sessions and downloadable workbooks to keep you focused and accountable. 

Time is precious, and now is YOUR time my love!!

Next enrolment September 2019.


21 Days of Self Love


Need some consistent inner rebalancing ? Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed, un focused, lethargic and generally fed up?
Sign up for our 21 day programme to help gain clarity, focus, energy yet calm and serenity too. So what do you get? :

  • A selection of meditations to guide you through different emotions

  • Gain clarity and control of your life.

  • Daily wellbeing practices, guiding you through each day.

  • Nutritious Meal Planner to kick start and fuel your inner goddess.

  • Exciting Guest Speaker Podcasts on topics relevant to YOU

  • Downloads worksheets

  • Much More